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Memberbytes #017: Dominik Stute & Nick Neidl (Startup Germany Tour, IHK Dortmund)

June 08, 2022 Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry | AHK Malaysia Season 1 Episode 17
The MGCC® Podcast
Memberbytes #017: Dominik Stute & Nick Neidl (Startup Germany Tour, IHK Dortmund)
Show Notes

German Chambers of Commerce & Industry abroad are being called AHK but in Germany, the AHKs are being called IHKs. Although similar in many regards they also differ. The IHK Dortmund is located in the industrial heartland of Germany the Rhein Ruhr Region. Known for steel and mining in the past the region has transformed into one of Europe's most innovative Startup hubs. The IHK Dortmund is at the forefront with its  Start.up! Germany Tour which brings Startups from all over the world to the German State of North-Rhine Westphalia.  
Two of the main organizers of the Start.up! Germany Tour Dominik Stute and Nick Neidl joined today’s podcast sessions to give you insights into this exciting program. This podcast session is for everyone who is interested to hear more about the Rhein Ruhr Region and the   Start.up! Germany Tour. 
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Here are the questions in the Podcast with time code: 

  1. Most international listeners probably only know Dortmund from your football club Borussia Dortmund. In Germany, every company needs to be a member of their local IHK. So are they your member? 01:36
  2. For many people outside of Europe, Rhein Ruhr doesn’t mean much because there is no single big city you can associate it with but please explain what Rhein Ruhr is? 02:48
  3. What would you say are the main differences between an AHK and an IHK? 05:49
  4. What is the Start-up Germany Tour? 07:38
  5. Why should a Start-up participate in the Start-up Tour? 10:22
  6. Can you go more in to the details of the three verticals? 11:59
  7. So, the Pre-program starts this June with 9 Webinars and they are open to everyone free of charge and what can they learn from the webinars? 12:53
  8. The first Tour was in 2017. Who came up with the Start-up Germany Tour? 14:04
  9. And since the Startup Germany Tour has been around for a few years now, I’m sure you also have one or two success stories you can share? 15:54
  10. What are the most advantages of Rhein Ruhr today? 17:32